Bruin Birding Club

I've been a member of the Bruin Birding Club since 2019 and have served as the Vice President of the board since January 2020. Since joining, I've helped plan and execute weekly bird watching walks in the UCLA Botanical Garden for the general public, I've written a successful TGIF grant to fund the purchase of Nikon Prostaff binoculars for use by club members, and have worked to design online accessible programming. For more information about the Bruin Birding Club, visit our website here [...]

Southern California Bat Education

I have been involved in bat research in many capacities within Southern California, from assisting in a molecular dietary analysis of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) in California's Central Valley to radio tracking California leaf-nosed bats (Macrotus californicus) in the lower Colorado River. Bats are a traditionally misunderstood taxa and education is therefore a key component of their conservation. Take a listen to a talk I gave for the membership of the San Fernando Valley Audubon in September 2020 entitiled, "Bats of the Santa Monica Mountains: Ecology, Research Methods, and Conservation".

Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles

Music is my passion and my hobby. I've played alto saxophone since the 4th grade. As an undergraduate, I played for two years in the UCLA Marching Band. Following graduation, I joined the Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles (GFBLA). GFBLA is a community of musicians who come together to, "promote acceptance and celebrate diversity by bringing together musicians from across Southern California for performance and educational opportunities that embrace equality, inclusion, and the love of music." I've sat on the board of directors since 2019 and have served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the past year. Please check out our website (www.gfbla.org) to find out more!